From data to delivery, we print and mail
so that you don't have to.


Why Use Harris Print & Mail?

Still not convinced that we can get the job done for you faster, easier and more cost effective?

Customer Perks

Existing Harris clients get Net 30 day terms.


Postage does not need to be paid in advance.

Hassle Free Mailing

Harris keeps up with changes to Post Office regulations so that you don’t have to.

Full Certification

Full service IMb, NCOA and CASS certification on each mailing.

Cost Savings

Use your staff for other functions while we Print & Mail for you.

Worry Free

No need to staff for mailing activity spikes.


Contract pricing makes your costs stable and predictable.

Budget Planning

Budgeting is more accurate with known costs.

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About Us

At Harris Print & Mail, our experienced staff is here to help you with all of your outsourced printing and mailing needs. You can trust that our solutions are on time and on budget. Let us take care of the design, data conversion, printing, stuffing and mailing so that you don’t have to. Purpose your staff to handle the other needs in your office.

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Harris Print & Mail
900 East Main Street, Suite T
Easley, SC 29640


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Debra Cronin

Manager, Print & Mail
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Karen Hofius

Karen Hofius

Production Coordinator


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Jason Smith